RV Park Septic Systems San Antonio

Most RV Park Septic Systems San Antonio has are Class V.  Which means they are rated to serve more than 20 persons per day.  The typical properties which have Class V septic systems are listed below.  These are called large capacity septic systems or LCSS‘s


  • rv-park-septic-systemApartment buildings
  • Trailer parks or Mobile Home Parks
  • Schools and religious institutions
  • Office, industrial, and commercial buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • State parks and campgrounds
  • Recreation or vehicle RV parks
  • Highway rest areas
  • Train and bus stations
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Oilfield Housing
  • Casinos

An issue that many RV parks or LCSS system owners encounter is the odor issue.  Many RV drivers, or uninformed septic tank users pour chemicals down their drains, which end up in the RV Park septic tank.  A 15,000 gallon tank with 20 to 30 RVs who are not instructed in proper septic tank use can run into a real problem.  Adding urea to mask the ammonia smell, coming from the LCSS septic system will only hide the problem and not fix the issue.

Often times a loose cap, or a main vent that is too short is the cause, providing visitors to the RV park with clear instructions, including photographs may help your RV visitors change their ways.