Septic System Rooter Service

septic system rooter san antonioSeptic System Rooter Service is necessary when clogs occur in the pipes within your home or lines from your clean out to the septic tank.  Tree roots, baby wipes and other materials you don’t want in those pipes somehow seem to find a way into forming a nice hard clog.

Call Big Bexar for Septic System Rooter Service and an experienced a septic system technician, will get rid of any clogs between your home and your septic tank or between your home and your cleanout.

rooter camera fatbergSewer lines can clog and using the best rooter for your septic system can help clean out the hard clogs.

You may have read about that recently occurred in the sewer system in London.  It was estimated the fatberg weighed two tons and was the size of a city bus!



Low Pressure Dosing Septic System Repair

If you have a sloped or hilly lot then a Low Pressure Dosing Septic System is likely your best choice of all your septic tank options.  Your property must have electricity and of all septic-system-sloped-jpgthe choices for a nonstandard (see sloped or hilly) drain field a Low Pressure Dosing Septic System is the most economical.  Low Pressure Dosing Septic Tank Repair is not rocket science, however you should consider the experience level of anyone you hire for Low Pressure Dosing Septic System Repair.

Clogging due to changes in the slope of the drain field are specific to low-pressure dosing septic systems.  Only 1 foot of soil is required from the bottom of the trench to the top of the disturbed soil, so you can imagine that erosion from a heavy rain after extremely dry weather is definitely a factor to consider in a sloped drain field.  This level must be maintained.

If you are interested in low-pressure dosing septic system installation or low-pressure dosing septic tank repair, call Big Bexar Septic.  This type of septic tank may be not only the most economical choice but the best choice, if your property is extremely hilly as many of us who live in the “Hill Country” will have this issue.




Aerobic Septic System Repair

If your property did not allow installation of a conventional septic tank and your aerobic aerobic-septic-systemsystem is broken or malfunctioning.  Call Big Bexar Septic for  your Aerobic Septic System Repair needs.  The ground in South Texas in some cases has only a foot of dirt before you hit solid limestone rock.  If you’ve ever planted a tree and experience this type of soil on your property you most likely have or need an aerobic septic tank system.  Rather than a lateral conventional septic tank system.

A common problem with aerobic septic systems is an electrical failure of the spray pump or aerator.  If your spray pump fails in your aerobic septic system speedy repair is highly recommended.

If the aerator is malfunctioning or the sprayers stop spraying your septic tank does not make water or function normally.  Regular maintenance such as chlorine tablets are required and a scientific approach is best used when a septic tank is malfunctioning.

Blockage in the plumbing inside the house or structure can cause backup issues.  Knowing where your cleanouts are will be helpful for the septic tank technician that visits you.  If you do not have cleanouts you may consider having them installed as overtime this will decrease your maintenance costs for your aerobic septic system.


Septic Service San Antonio

If you need the kind of Septic Service San Antonio can bank on contact us at Big Bexar Septic.  If you need regularly scheduled septic tank cleanings or if you’re interested in septic system maintenance contract Big Bexar Septic can provide monthly quarterly or annual septic system maintenance contracts.

Septic tank pumping should occur at a regularly scheduled interval. Maintaining your septic system involves regular septic tank cleanings, annual pumping and good information from your septic system service provider.

septic system serviceIf you’re a new septic tank owner simple things like only allowing waste and toilet paper to enter your septic tank can keep your septic system up and running smoothly for the long haul.  Harsh chemicals, feminine hygiene products or other objects can clog baffles or pipes and cause your septic system to have the need for repair more often than you would like.

If you’re currently using another septic service and are not happy with the service they are providing you call us for a free estimate.  Or contact us to schedule a service call.

Maintaining your drain field for your septic system is as important regular septic tank pumping.  A drain field that has deteriorated due to erosion or septic tank system that is been running beyond its capacity is a smelly, messy and expensive septic system problem.

Septic System Repair San Antonio

septic system overflowing drain field repairSeptic System Repair San Antonio can count on.  Big Bexar Septic has some helpful tips to keep your septic system running smoothly and keep your septic system repairs to a minimum.

Here are some common items that should never go into the septic tank system or drain fields:

  1. Footing Drain and Ground Water and Sump Pumps
  2. Gutter or floor drains
  3. Non-Biodegradable Products – chemicals and solids (tampons, cigarette butts, condoms, or other similar items, hair, bandages, rags, strings, coffee grounds or cereals).
  4. Paper towels and handy wipes; no matter what the box or manufacturer, etc. says!
  5. No anti-bacterial soaps – Biodegradable soaps only ! Do not use what is called “biocompatible soaps”.
  6. Heavy dose and long-term use of Mr. Bubbles/Dow’s spray toilet cleaner or any other excessively strong cleaner.
  7. Water conditioning backwashes / discharge from water softener, & purifier, sanitizer or conditioners
  8. Dehumidifiers and air conditioner discharges
  9. Chlorine and chemicals in excess (1 part chlorine 5 parts of water is a good spray bacteria cleaner)
  10. Hot tubs and jacuzzi discharges
  11. Excessive laundry – loads should be spaced out (one day of doing all laundry is a No No!)
  12. Water from leaking fixtures including sneaky leaky toilets. Remember to dye test the toilet often to check for leaks in septic system
  13. Dirt and inert products (muddy clothes and vegetables should be dusted off before washing) this applies to common senses in maintaining all types of septic systems
  14. Chemicals from x-ray equipment discharges, even if diluted because they will re-condense in disposal system and eventually pollute the underground environment which is illegal !
  15. Disposable baby wipes / diapers / hand and facial wipes – NO MATTER WHAT MANUFACTURER SAYS, DON’T PUT THEM IN; DISPOSE OF THEM IN A GARABAGE CAN!
  16. Hard toilet paper – use only soft toilet paper, they are closer to breaking down
  17. Dead fish or animals – REMEMBER, it’s a septic tank not a cemetery.
  18. Garbage disposal units discharge; if you must have one then it must run through a separate tank first. This is called a trash tank. After it is installed it should discharge into the septic tank or a separate leaching system and not directly to the existing leaching system
  19. Hair conditioners with heavy oils – if you use them, we need to know so we can do something to compensate with added or different bacteria (none if they are not bio-degradable).
  20. Latex, plastic or metallic objects – (If you haven’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t eat it – Don’t throw it in septic tank system)!

What are some common types of Septic System Repairs?

septic system repair san antonioMechanical; failure of aerators, baffles, pumps, sprayers, motors and  components of your septic system that have moving parts.  These failures within your septic system which are mechanical usually caused by wear and tear or just an outright mechanical failure.

Electrical; aerators, pumps, and motors are sensitive to lightning and electrical surges.  properly grounded septic systems have electrical problems less frequently.  However, a lightning strike on your property can damage the electrical components in your septic system.

Plumbing; clogged pipes or foreign materials in your septic system can clog baffles which can generate smelly headaches.  Often unwanted backflow into the shower or bathtub is a sure sign of clogged pipes.

septic system repairNatural; the all too common dry season can cause the ground to shift, thus cracking deteriorated septic tanks, or poor quality septic tank installations, which dont account for soil shifting.  Tree roots growing into your septic system can cause major headaches courtesy of mother nature.

Overuse; a septic system by design is built for a certain number of people and certain frequency of use.  overuse can not only damage the pumps and other components within your septic system but your drain field can be damaged by overuse this smelly and expensive repair can be avoided by having the proper size septic tank installed.  And being conservative when estimating the use of your septic system during the septic system design process.

Hopefully these tips can help you in determining your septic systems problem.  A helpful piece of information to have prior to calling Big Bexar Septic is your septic tank lid locations, and the locations of any washouts on your property.  Contact us to schedule a service call if you need assistance with your septic system repair.

Septic tank installation San Antonio can count on – 210-273-5527

san-antonio-septic-systemsWhen your septic system or septic tank needs pumping, cleaning, repair or maintenance, Big Bexar Septic provides septic service and septic tank installation San Antonio can count on.  Commercial and residential real-estate septic tank inspections are no problem either.  Big Bexar is known amongst their peers as the Drain field repair specialist and specializes in salvaging neglected septic systems. An overflowing septic system needs urgent attention and the fastest septic tank pumping in San Antonio also happens to be Big Bexar Septic.  Often times a septic systems maintenance is neglected.  A septic system maintenance contract will help you stay on top of your septic systems maintenance requirements.

Why should I call Big Bexar Septic for my Septic Tank Pumping?

We believe in delivering the quality our clients deserve and have years of experience behind our licensed and experienced technicians. Our reputation has been made by designing reliable septic tank systems and delivering the kind of septic service in San Antonio, that will be sure to leave you satisfied.  If you want the best septic tank pumping San Antonio has to offer call now, or contact us.

What are Aerobic Septic Systems and Conventional Septic Systems?

Big Bexar Septic provides septic tank repair services, septic tank pumping, cleaning, and maintenance for both a conventional septic system and aerobic septic system types of septic systems.  Lets not forget low pressure dosing septic systems either.  All three types of septic systems come in different dimensions and each has its advantages in certain situations.   Our septic tank systems are designed to last in South Texas.

Why should I get a septic tank system?

If you are looking for a hilly-efficient, underground waste water treatment system, you are in the market for a septic tank or septic system.  Septic systems are simple in design, which makes a septic tank system less expensive to install and maintain.  Septic tanks in San Antonio or Rural Bexar County are also friendlier to the environment by using time and natural processes to treat waste water onsite, without miles of sewer lines.  The process usually takes place in a home owners backyard.

What type of maintenance do septic systems require?

Septic tank cleaning, septic tank pumping and regular septic system maintenance are our most commonly encountered septic tank service calls.  Big Bexar Septic offers Monthly, Annual or Quarterly septic system maintenance agreements.  Septic tank pumping is required maintenance and potential damage to the septic drain field and the septic system far exceeds the cost to perform this maintenance task.  After a septic tank is pumped it is recommended that a septic tank cleaning take place at that time for economy’s sake.