Septic Drain Field

What is a Septic Drain Field?

A septic drain field, also can be referred to as a leaching field.  The primary job of the septic-drain-fieldseptic drain field is to filter the effluent from the septic system, once the septic tank has decomposed the waste within.  Different sizes of drain fields are required depending on the capacity of the septic tank and the concurrent rating of the septic tank system.  Practically speaking the higher capacity this septic tank, and did more users per day, the larger the septic drain field will need to be.

Over the course of time a drain field can either deteriorate, by the force of erosion or due to the septic system capacity increasing and the leaching or drain field not increasing in size.  A drain field rated for five users obviously cannot support 20 users without encountering problems during filtering of effluent.  Septic drain field repair is possible and is a problem Big Bexar Septic is experienced with.  If your septic field is marshy or swampy, or you are unable to remove sewer odors even after pumping and cleaning your septic tank, the septic drain field is likely your culprit.

A percolation test of the soil in your proposed or current septic drain field should be performed by an experienced septic tank installer.

The picture below speaks 1000 words.  It is an example, an extreme example of drain field damage caused by erosion.damaged septic drain field  This type of issue with the drain field is repairable.  If you need the best drain field repair San Antonio has to offer call Big Bexar Septic.  We are here to help and leverage our experience to solve your problems with your septic tank economically, efficiently and quickly.