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Big Bexar Septic specializes in residential and commercial septic service in San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country.  We offer septic tank installation and service, including septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning.

Big Bexar Septic also performs real estate inspections for agents and potential buyers.  We take pride in our work and we look forward to earning your business. As a courtesy to our customers, we will always offer a free estimate for any of the services that we offer.

To learn more about our services and all the ways in which we can assist you, please contact us today. When scheduling service with us, please be sure to inquire about our available discounts for senior citizens and both active duty and retired military personnel.

Mobile Home Septic Systems San Antonio

Septic systems for mobile home parks or single home properties make sense when mobile-home-septic-tanksewer lines are unavailable to a property owner.  In rural areas mobile home Septic Systems San Antonio appear frequently.  Whether you are a property owner, or a mobile home park developer or owner Big Bear Septic can help with your septic tank installation, septic system design or troubleshooting your septic system for your mobile home Park.

Often times inadequate drain fields due to poor planning are the cause of service calls for park wide septic issues.  Where new lots have been added to the property and the size of the drain field was not adjusted appropriately.   Swampy conditions in the leach and absorption field can be caused by the septic system in your mobile home Park operating beyond its capacity, due to additions.

Also blockages between the tank and the drain field could cause minor problems. Oftentimes an older septic systems tank outlet port becomes clogged with debris.  Or a baffle may fail which will allow solids and sludge to plug the outlet line to the absorption field.  The line between the tank and the drain field can become clogged, tree roots can get into the joints or the drain pipe itself could just simply be clogged.


Septic System Design San Antonio

septic system designIf you need Septic System Design San Antonio can count on, call the professionals at Big Bexar Septic.  your lot type and septic system capacity are the main factors in deciding upon the design of your septic system. If you have a sloped or hilly lot as many of us do in the Hill Country. A low-pressure dosing system may be the right fit for you.

If you have a flat lot the most cost-efficient type of system is the conventional septic system.  Depending on the soil and the perk tests this is an optimal choice for anyone in South Texas looking for a septic system.

if you have poor soil or dense limestone just beneath the surface of the soil on your property an aerobic septic tank may be the right choice for you.  And aerobic septic system requires electricity and water.

Big Bexar Septic offers reasonable rates for backup service if your soil is rocky and requires jackhammering in order to make room for the piping in your septic systems drain field.  Although septic systems are simple in design, technically they can be complicated and a miscalculation during the design process can cause your septic tank installation job to go wrong.


Septic Systems for New Construction in San Antonio

Depending on the size and scope of your new construction project you may need assistance with your septic tank systems.  If you want the best when it comes to Septic New Construction San Antonio call Big Bexar Septic.  Big Bexar Septic can install Conventional, Aerobic, Low Pressure Dosing Septic Tanks Systems and other Waste Water Treatment Facilities.

Big Bexar Septic can help you with.

  • New Construction Septic Systemslarge-scale-septic-tanks
  • Class V or Higher Septic Systems
  • Multifamily Residential Septic Systems
  • Single Family Septic Systems

Call Big Bexar Septic today and ask for Jason or Nick.  You’ll be sure to get an experienced ear on the line and a quick response for any septic or waste water emergencies at these type of construction sites.  Big Bexar Septic also offers backhoe service for septic installation if you only need experienced hands for the install-dig and not the plumbing, design, planning or electrical portion of your septic tank installation.

Big Bexar Septic is your partner for design, planning, installation and maintenance of the septic system that is required for your site.  Regular scheduled septic system maintenance contracts, will eliminate your headaches after ground has been broken and years have gone by.  Septic tanks require maintenance and Big Bexar Septic can provide the septic system maintenance contracts for your new construction development.


Septic System Installation San Antonio

Septic System Installation San Antonio can count on, Big Bexar Septic has installed thousands of septic tanks in San Antonio, TX.  This experience coupled with the right design by Big Bexar Septic means you get this septic system you want, at the price you like, done right the first time.

septic system installationBig Bexar Septic will determine the correct type of septic system for your property and install your septic tank in an efficient and professional manner.  Experience brings speed as you may have a Low Pressure Dosing Septic System, Conventional Septic System or Aerobic Septic System installed, all of these types of septic systems require experienced hands and design backed by in the field, time-tested knowledge of septic systems.

Big Bexar Septic provides all materials, labor, tools and if necessary backhoes for your septic tank installation.  If you live in the hill country around San Antonio you may have a hilly lot, your lot type will be a factor during your septic system installation, as well as perc tests of the soil on your property.  These are large factors in placement as well as any existing structures on your property.

For more information about septic system installation contact us.


Septic tank installation San Antonio can count on – 210-273-5527

san-antonio-septic-systemsWhen your septic system or septic tank needs pumping, cleaning, repair or maintenance, Big Bexar Septic provides septic service and septic tank installation San Antonio can count on.  Commercial and residential real-estate septic tank inspections are no problem either.  Big Bexar is known amongst their peers as the Drain field repair specialist and specializes in salvaging neglected septic systems. An overflowing septic system needs urgent attention and the fastest septic tank pumping in San Antonio also happens to be Big Bexar Septic.  Often times a septic systems maintenance is neglected.  A septic system maintenance contract will help you stay on top of your septic systems maintenance requirements.

Why should I call Big Bexar Septic for my Septic Tank Pumping?

We believe in delivering the quality our clients deserve and have years of experience behind our licensed and experienced technicians. Our reputation has been made by designing reliable septic tank systems and delivering the kind of septic service in San Antonio, that will be sure to leave you satisfied.  If you want the best septic tank pumping San Antonio has to offer call now, or contact us.

What are Aerobic Septic Systems and Conventional Septic Systems?

Big Bexar Septic provides septic tank repair services, septic tank pumping, cleaning, and maintenance for both a conventional septic system and aerobic septic system types of septic systems.  Lets not forget low pressure dosing septic systems either.  All three types of septic systems come in different dimensions and each has its advantages in certain situations.   Our septic tank systems are designed to last in South Texas.

Why should I get a septic tank system?

If you are looking for a hilly-efficient, underground waste water treatment system, you are in the market for a septic tank or septic system.  Septic systems are simple in design, which makes a septic tank system less expensive to install and maintain.  Septic tanks in San Antonio or Rural Bexar County are also friendlier to the environment by using time and natural processes to treat waste water onsite, without miles of sewer lines.  The process usually takes place in a home owners backyard.

What type of maintenance do septic systems require?

Septic tank cleaning, septic tank pumping and regular septic system maintenance are our most commonly encountered septic tank service calls.  Big Bexar Septic offers Monthly, Annual or Quarterly septic system maintenance agreements.  Septic tank pumping is required maintenance and potential damage to the septic drain field and the septic system far exceeds the cost to perform this maintenance task.  After a septic tank is pumped it is recommended that a septic tank cleaning take place at that time for economy’s sake.